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Once upon a time, if you wanted news or information you either had to purchase a
newspaper, listen to the radio or later, watch television.
Many of our younger readers will not remember life without TV. For some of you, your first memory of a television would be of a black and white set.
It was on January 26, 1926 at his laboratory in London, that Scottish inventor John Logie Baird gave what is widely recognised as being the world's first demonstration of a working television system to members of the Royal Institution and a newspaper reporter.
Around half a Century later, computers started to appear in homes in the early 1980s followed later by commercial internet service providers (ISPs) who began to emerge in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The internet was commercialised in 1995 after restrictions on the use of the internet to carry commercial traffic were removed.
Since the mid-1990s, the internet has had a revolutionary impact on culture and commerce.
The meteoric rise in the usage of portable devices has led to us living in an interactive world where 24/7 people want, and are used to getting, more information instantly. layar
Well, yourAmersham are now offering our readers and advertisers just that via a new, FREE downloadable App called LAYAR.
This state of the art technology allows us to cleverly add special codes into adverts and some editorial features which will be recognisable with the Layar logo shown on the page.
This will make them interactive to people using portable devices such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and most tablets which means they can connect with the printed material in this magazine... cool eh?.
With the Layar application downloaded free from the usual App Stores, device users will be able to reveal floating buttons providing instant direct links to websites, phone numbers, email addresses and/or social media and even videos, photographs and 3D graphics just by scanning it with LAYAR.
It's so simple to use and will definitely grow in popularity as technology develops further. We will be encouraging our readership to download the app and look for the relevant logos on our pages which will come to life on their phone or tablet.
This is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to obtain more from their ads by incorporating LAYAR. What's more some options are available entirely free of charge. Don't delay, get in touch today and make your advert 'come to life'. To find out more contact Jed on 07791 338868 or email:
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